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Westar Energy Kansas Customer Service Phone Number

PO Box 889, Topeka, KS 66601-0889, Kansas, United States, +1-800-383-1183 (Residential)Report abuse
Westar Energy is a utility company engaged in providing electric and natural gas services in the United States. It is a privately owned utility company and was established in 1909. It generates nearly 27,000,000 megawatt hours of electricity annually and serves 690,000 industrial, residential and commercial customers. It possesses 12 power plants, nearly 6,300 miles of transmission lines and 28,100 miles of distribution lines. Westar Energy serves the east and east central area of Kansas and is one of the leading electricity services providing companies in Kansas in the United States. The energy centers of Westar Energy includes coal, natural gas, wind, landfill gas and nuclear energy generation. Street Light Out can be reported on : +1-800-544-4857, Report a Power Outrage: +1-800-(544-4857), Customer Service for business: +1-800-401-5666 The contact details like address, contact number, customer care number and customer service phone number of Westar Energy Kansas is displayed above.
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