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Vital Records Portland Oregon Customer Service Phone Number

800 NE Oregon Street Portland, Oregon 97232, United states, +1 971-673-1222Report abuse
Vital records Portland Oregon is an International office which kept the life event records in the United States. Vital Record maintains the record of death, birth, marriage and adoption. It provides the birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate etc in the United states. It is also used for the identification of the person. Vital Records is administers by the department of Health Program Areas in the United States. It is managed at the state level in America. The contact details like address, contact number, customer care number and customer service phone number of Vital Records Portland Oregon is displayed above.
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Male ImageMr. Palmer Baldwin States
When calling vital stats. You ask to press 1 to hear in english. When 1 is pushed. You answer that is not a valid selection,. Why do you always have to embarrass the public
With these silly mistakes? can you change it?.
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